What sets us apart from other Pre Purchase Inspections

We have changed the model of traditional Pre Purchase Property Inspections to provide customers with a better level of service.
  • We are fully insured for Pre Purchase Inspections and fully insured for termite control and other pest control services.
  • We are fully licensed, trained and are specialists in our chosen fields.
  • We believe in ongoing training of our inspectors.
  • Our inspectors are quite happy to meet with you on site to run through the property and any major defects or concerns they have with the property.
  • We operate in line with the current Australian Industry Standards and Guidelines
  • Our inspectors will only ever do a maximum of two inspections per day doing true justice to gathering information on the property so you can make an informed decision on the biggest financial decision you will ever make.
You need to ask yourself if an inspector is doing 4, 6 or 8 inspections per day, is he or she really spending enough time in the intended purchase property to give you are very accurate and detailed report.

Trained and Licensed

Our inspectors are fully trained by Howard Ryan from Housesafe. He is regarded as the best pre purchase property inspection trainer in Australia and has trained inspectors across Australia even including Local Councils, Howard is changing the face of our industry.

Our inspectors are required not only do his courses but are required to do refresher courses every two years to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

Our Inspectors also have their full Pest Control licensed and treat termites on a regular basis, this means they are very skilled at locating termites as they are daily looking at the damage that these termites do here in South Australia.

Unlike other Pre Purchase Property Inspectors in Adelaide we are actually licensed to treat termites by the health department. This is especially important to consider when CSIRO studies have shown that 2 in every 3 houses in Australia have some degree of termite damage and that they are estimated to cause 1.5 billion dollars worth of damage to Australian properties every year. So if someone is offering to do a Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection ask to see their pest control license and if they don’t have one then don’t use them.

Assessment and Report

When making one of the biggest decisions in your life and committing to a large financial outlay it makes sense to get the most comprehensive report possible so you can make an informed decision on your future.

When you look at a property you have only 15 to 20 minutes to view it and quite often you are looking through rose coloured glasses, you will not see the issues with the house that may end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars in repair bills even before you move in.

That’s where our fully Housesafe trained inspectors step in and look for all of the faults and issues with the property to ensured you are armed with quality information to make the best decision about your financial future.

Inspection types:

  • Pre Purchase Property Inspections
  • Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspection
  • Pre Purchase Pest Inspection
  • Swimming Pool Inspection
  • Swimming Pool Compliance
  • Mould and Asbestos Identification
  • plus more